We can never have enough of nature

Feel Green

The time to pick the right products has never been more important than now. So how do you know your plant is sustainably grown? That might not be as difficult as you think … Freel Green Growers love our planet, just like you. Their ambition is to produce and live CO2 neutral by using renewable energy. All Feel Green plants are Product Proof, which means that no illegal chemicals are used producing the plant. The packaging and the label are made of degradable and renewable materials. And don’t forget: plants create a healthy environment at home and make you happy. So when choosing the plant which suits you … choose a plant which is grown with respect and love for nature. Choose Feel Green.

As consumers, we have so much power to change the world just by being careful in what we buy.

Feel Green Plants

Our mission?

To cultivate the very finest plants and flowers with love and respect for the environment.